Planning & Zoning Division


The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the administration of the Paulding County Zoning Ordinance including the interpretation and amendment. All applications, requiring a public hearing, requested by developers, builders, and citizens are coordinated and processed on a monthly basis.

Planning and Zoning staff also process:

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On a daily basis, staff assists applicants, residents, realtors, developers, consultants, and others regarding land use, zoning, comprehensive planning, maps, and demographics. The Planning and Zoning staff coordinates land use and planning activities with other divisions and departments including business license approval, private dwelling and building permits, review and approval of plans for zoning compliance, and demographic information.

The Planning and Zoning Division prepares and/or oversees updates to the County's Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map as required by State planning regulations. Planning and Zoning coordinates on an as needed basis with regional and State agencies regarding developments of regional impact.

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