New Sheriff's Office and Jail

How & Why?

On November 8, 2016 Paulding County voters overwhelmingly approved a bond referendum not to exceed $77 million dollars for the design, construction, and completion of a new Sheriff’s Office and Jail for Paulding County. Sheriff Gary Gulledge has been a proponent of constructing a new jail since he took office as the Sheriff of Paulding County in 2008. The new Sheriff’s Office and Jail will replace an aging facility that was constructed in 1989. Our current facility is outdated and in need of major repairs and would be a significant cost to the taxpayers, not to mention that it is overcrowded.

As we move foward with the project, we want to keep the public informed on our progress and how we are using your money. Please go to the link listed below ( ) for the most updated information. Sheriff Gulledge wants to encourage as much local participation in this project as possible. Since the voters of Paulding County approved this expenditure, we want to encourage our citizens to make suggestions regarding this project. If you would like to find out what portions of this job are coming up for bid, please check the website or call Comprehensive Program Services (CPS) at 770-451-7670. Ground Breaking for the project is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2018 and completion is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020. Once this project begins, there will be a live webcam posted at the site so everyone can monitor the progress.

New Sheriff’s Office and Jail Website

Location & Size

The new Sheriff’s Office and Jail facility will sit adjacent to the Paulding County Courthouse and will allow Paulding County citizens to have a more centralized location for all of their needs. The new jail will be approximately a 660 bed facility and will allow the Sheriff’s Office to consolidate all of our divisions under one roof. Not only will this make it easier for citizens, it will help the Sheriff’s Office run more efficiently because everyone will operate out of the same building. It will also cut down on the risk of transporting inmates to court, because they will be taken to court via an enclosed walkway from the new jail to the courthouse.

See the new Sheriff’s Office and Jail location