The Engineering Division utilizes county staff for preliminary layouts, concepts, design, final design, right of way acquisition and preparing plans to bid for the sales tax programs (SPLOST) and other road improvement programs. This division also receives assistance from private sector consultants as needed to expedite the design, land acquisition and construction of road and bridge improvement projects.

Other duties performed by Paulding County Engineering Division are as follows: 

Driveway Permits

Contact the Addressing Department at 770-505-1365 to begin the process for a new residential driveway. The Addressing Department will assign your location to Paulding County Department of Transportation to perform a site distance study and assign an address, mailbox permit, and driveway permit. This process takes seven to ten business days. The Addressing Department will notify you when your permit is ready to be picked up.

New Developments

Paulding County Department of Transportation Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing and approving transportation related items for new developments within Paulding County.

Property that is being developed and requires a land disturbance permit will submit plans to the Paulding County Development Division. The Development Department will distribute a plan set to PDOT for review and approval.

Additional Information

For more information, please call 770-445-4759.

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