Hire Off-Duty Deputy

Deputies with the Paulding County Sheriff's Office often work their off days by working off-duty jobs, often called side jobs or part-time jobs. Citizens or businesses in Paulding County may request a deputy to work a side-job. Many banks and churches routinely have deputies work security or traffic control on a weekly or even daily basis. Traffic Control

If you are interested in hiring an off-duty deputy to work, The Paulding County Sheriff's Office utilizes a service called RollKall. This service helps manage scheduling, invoicing, and payments for the off-duty jobs our deputies work for our citizens and businesses. 

Our minimum pay for deputies is currently $50 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum, per deputy. Late or short-notice requests may cause an increase in the hourly rate in order to fill the side-job. Deputies are allowed to use their issued patrol car for the assignment at no extra cost. If you are interested in hiring an off-duty deputy, please click the logo below. 

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You can also email The Office of Professional Standards for more information on requesting a deputy for a side-job.