The Landfill does not accept:

  • Batteries
  • Computer Equipment
  • Gas Tanks
  • Oil
  • Paint (dried paint is accepted)
  • Tires

Accepted Items

The Landfill accepts all refrigerators and air conditioners at an additional fee of $11.50. This fee may be waived provided that there is a statement from a certified professional stating that their company has removed all freon from the unit or units.

For disposal information, please call 770-445-5356.


The Landfill accepts cash or check payments. All checks must include a valid driver’s license and phone number. The Landfill fee schedule effective January 1, 2023 is as follows:

Minimum Load:  $20 up to 500 pounds

Gate Rate: $75 per ton

No commercial loads will be accepted after 4PM or on Saturdays