Builders Requesting Meters

Setting Meters

Builders requesting meters must make sure the meter location meets the following criteria in order to avoid a $25.00 trip charge:

  • The lots must be visibly marked either on the permit box or the curb.
  • The water meter box and lid must be visible and flush with the finished grade.
  • The water meter box and lid must be undamaged. Please see the requirements below.
  • The curb stop must be level and located at the "back" (street side) of the meter box with sufficient space for the water meter and backflow prevention device to be installed.
  • The water meter installation policy and acknowledgment form (PDF) must be signed, dated, and submitted by an authorized representative of the applicant's firm (e.g. Builder, General Contractor, etc. ).

Paulding County Water will create a work order to install the water meter one year from submitting your application for service. During that time period if you are ready for your meter to be installed and you have verified that your meter location meets all the criteria listed above, please contact our office at 770-222-6868. Please allow up to two business days for any installations you request. If our staff confirms that the above conditions are met, then a water meter and backflow prevention device will be installed.

If you have not scheduled your meter installation, within the one year time frame, Paulding County Water System will attempt to set the meter on the original scheduled date.

MTR INST 230321