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Becoming a Communications Officer

If you are looking for a challenging, exciting and rewarding career that really counts. Look no further!

911 Public Safety Telecommunicators are The First Responders! In almost every emergency situation, 911 Telecommunicators are the first public safety employees "on the scene." As a 911 Telecommunicator you will talk to people who have just been the victim of a crime or are reporting a crime. You will take the call from a frantic father reporting that his home is on fire. You will tell a mother how to clear her child's airway and save their life. You will calm and comfort the hurt, injured, and distraught. You will be a part of the team responding to the child hiding under the bed while a burglar is breaking into the home.

Many times, it is the actions, quick thinking and training of a 911 Communications Officer that makes the difference between life and death.

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If you are interested in working for Paulding County E-911, you may apply in person at Human Resources or by visiting the Communications Officer Job Description (PDF) for additional information.