Warrants/Civil Division

Civil Division

The Civil Division primarily serves civil processes received from the Paulding County Courts, other jurisdictions, and from private business and citizens.

In addition to civil process, the Civil Division also executes court orders issued in reference to Writs of Possession, Evictions, conducts collection of other judgments and serves temporary protective orders.

Out of State Petitioners

Petitioner(s) must provide an affidavit from the court of their state in the papers to be served. If the court in their state requires the affidavit to list each individual document being served (i.e. Interrogatories, Rule Nisi, etc.) each type of service must be listed on the affidavit. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 770-443-3010.

Warrants Division

The Warrants Division primarily executes criminal arrest warrants and assists other law enforcement agencies in conducting warrant arrests when requested. Each Deputy is assigned cases (warrants) as they come in. The Deputy then starts working the case attempting to locate and apprehend the person.

If you have information related to a wanted person you can call our TIP Line at 770-445-5535 or email the Tip Line