Commendations / Complaints

Office of Professional Standards

The goal of the Office of Professional Standards is to ensure that the integrity of the department is maintained through the system of internal discipline where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by an intensive, impartial investigation and review process.

The Office of Professional Standards commanding officer reports directly to the Sheriff or his designee. Employees are assigned to this unit by the Sheriff.

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for:

  • Recording, registering and controlling the investigations of complaints against employees or the department.
  • Supervising the fair and impartial investigation of alleged or suspected misconduct within the department.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of internal affairs investigations and records.

Complaints for the Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards has the primary responsibility for the investigation of the following types of complaints:

  • Complaints involving criminal activity;
  • Complaints of sexual harassment;
  • Officer involved shootings;
  • Complaints of excessive force and brutality;
  • Any other investigation as directed by the Sheriff.

Complaints for Employee Supervisors

The following types of complaints will normally be investigated by a supervisor assigned to the employee’s division:

  • Complaints of harassment
  • Complaints of demeanor
  • Violations of departmental policies, procedures, rules or regulations not specifically assigned to the Office of Professional Standards, however, if it appears that an investigation may cause a conflict of interest within the division, at the discretion of the Sheriff, an investigator from the Office of Professional Standards may be assigned to an investigation of the above types.