RAVE 9-1-1

Rave 911 provides 9-1-1 teams, first responders & emergency managers powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching & responding to emergencies more efficiently & effectively. 

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Each Smart911 Safety Profile includes sections for basic details: name, contact information and address. Additional fields accept information about household members, caregiver contact information, vehicles, pets or service animals, home access codes, medical conditions and special assistance needs. Individuals may provide as much or as little information as they want, but all information provided within a profile improves first responders’ take the life-saving action necessary to keep their communities safe when disaster strikes.

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Anyone can create a Smart911 account, providing call takers with important details about themselves, their families & other household information. When they contact 9-1-1, call takers can instantly see their given information, including address, medical & mental conditions, photos & even details about pets. This allows for faster, more accurate dispatch & drastically reduced response times.

Individuals who create a Smart911 Safety Profile can opt in to receive local emergency alerts. Those who sign up will be notified of local emergencies, including severe weather, traffic incidents, utility outages, road work, missing persons and law enforcement activity in the community. Recipients can adjust their settings to receive the notifications they prefer.

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