Criminal Investigations Division

Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of 24 employees and includes:

  • Command Staff (1)
  • Supervisors (3)
  • Administrative Staff (4)
  • Detectives (16)
  • Evidence Technician (2)
  • Crime Scene Technician (2)

Specialized Fields

The Detectives are divided into specialized fields that investigate crimes related to their area of expertise; Property Crimes, Crimes Against Persons, Domestic Violence, White Collar Crimes, Auto Theft, and Pawn Shop.

Investigation Duties

The principal function of CID is to conduct follow-up investigations of reported crimes. These investigations consist of interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compiling a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court.

Selection Process

Detectives are selected through a formal process and receive additional investigative training as a result of their assignment.