Crime Prevention Tips

Tips to Avoid Theft

  • Don’t discuss your assets or finances with strangers.
  • Don’t keep large sums of money at home.
  • Keep valuable papers, stocks, bonds, expensive jewelry, coin collections, etc. in a bank safe deposit box. Don’t store them at home unless you have a security closet or a safe that is well hidden and cannot be removed.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Lock vehicles.
  • Lock gates, garages, and sheds after each use.
  • Store bicycles, mowers, ladders, etc. in a locked garage or shed, or secure them to some stationary point.
  • Put Neighborhood Watch and/ or alarm company stickers on entry doors and windows.

Identifying your Property/Valuables

By taking the following measures, you will help detectives search and identify your property if you become a victim of theft:

  • Etch an identifying number on any valuables (NOT your Social Security Number).
  • Photograph valuables that cannot be etched.
  • Keep a detailed, up-to-date record of your valuables. Include type, model, serial number, and fair market value.
  • Keep photographs of valuables and records of your valuables in a different location; such as safety deposit box, at your office, etc…

Entering Autos

The primary cause for the rate of Entering Autos is individuals leaving valuables in their unlocked vehicles. Preventing items being stolen from your vehicles requires taking everything of value out of your vehicle and locking it. The following tips can prevent theft:

  • Leaving valuables in clear view in a locked car will most likely result in a broken window.
  • Please do not leave firearms inside vehicles.
  • Laptop computers are in high demand and very valuable on the black market.
  • Other highly sought items include iPods, Satellite Radios, GPS Navigation systems, purses and wallets.
  • Leaving them in your car could make you more vulnerable to theft.

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