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Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

    A 1¢ RENEWAL sales tax


What is SPLOST

SPLOST or Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is a voter-approved, six-year, one-percent sales tax.  For every dollar spent in Paulding County one penny goes into a fund devoted to capital improvement projects.

This is a renewal not a new tax and has been approved by Paulding County voters for the last 15 years.  The current tax will expire March 2011, and a renewal will need to be voted on and approved to continue current and future projects for Paulding.

The 2011 SPLOST program represents a way for Paulding County to raise funds for projects.  As a one-cent sales tax, money is raised for county improvements anytime items are purchased in Paulding County by residents or by visitors.  This is one reason it is very important to shop Paulding. 

SPLOST funds are used for transportation, recreation, and public safety projects.  For a more detailed breakdown by department, please click on Project Reports .

The Cities of Dallas and Hiram receive a portion of the SPLOST funds; please review the Chart in the Informational links for a breakdown in percentages for county and cities.


Informational Links

SPLOST Q & A                                                    

Project Report




Public Safety

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