The Addressing Department is responsible for assigning all addresses for both commercial and residential structures or any other feature that may require an address inside Paulding County with exception to property inside the City of Dallas city limits.

The Addressing Department also manages the naming of all streets in the County and communicating address changes and updates to the USPS, E911 services and the other departments of the county government.

Addressing Standards

Paulding County employs a distance based addressing system. Address numbers are calculated using the mileage distance of a property's driveway/entrance access to the road divided by 1/1000 of a mile. For example, a home with a driveway that accesses a subdivision street ¼ of a mile from that streets beginning would have an address of 250-250-1000 or 1/4th of a mile).

Distance based addressing systems greatly improve accuracy for E-911 and emergency response services, aid delivery services in locating addresses more efficiently and also increases the accuracy of mapping applications that approximate address locations like Google maps, Map Quest and most GPS units.

Obtaining a New Address

Paulding County assigns addresses as part of the permitting process. Addresses are not assigned to empty parcels or tracts of land. Structures with multiple driveway entrances must designate a primary entrance before an address can be measured. In addition to structures, Paulding County also assigns addresses to various types of utility features, fire hydrants and cell towers.

The permitting process starts on the first floor of the County Administration building. Please refer there for information regarding which step of the permitting process you will need to obtain an address.

Re-addressing History & Address Verification

Paulding County adopted the distance based addressing system in 1997. At that time a major readdressing project was undertaken and all property outside of the City of Dallas municipality was readdressed. This has caused confusion with some residences whose mortgage and utility company might still be using addresses assigned prior to the 1997 readdressing project.

If you require verification that your address has changed, please email the addressing department and request an Address Verification letter. Include your current physical address, your previous physical address, mailing address and the property owner's name.

You may also search to see if your address was affected by the readdressing project by using the 1997 Re-addressing Address Change Log (PDF).