What You Can Do

Responsible Pet Ownership

You can assist the Animal Control Department by:

  • Making sure your pets are spayed / neutered and vaccinated
  • Making sure your pet gets proper medical care and routine examinations
  • Making sure your pet has an adequate supply of food and water
    • Non-agricultural animals (cats and dogs) must be provided with a shelter. Ideally, cats should be kept as indoor-only pets.
  • Making sure your pet is under your control, preferably contained within a fenced area
  • Being considerate of your neighbors regarding your pet's behavior
  • Considering obedience training classes for behavior problems
  • Obeying your County and/or city animal control ordinances
  • Keeping your pets for the duration of their life
  • Looking for your lost pet immediately at the shelter

Additional Information

For more information, please call 770-445-1511.