Kiosk Sign Program

Program Description

In January 2012 Paulding County executed a contract with FL Graphix to construct, install, and manage kiosk sign structures and advertising panels within various County right-of-way locations.

The previous practice of placing off-site directional signs in the County right-of-ways resulted in a proliferation of signs which cluttered the road right-of-ways; confused the general public; and in a few circumstances created safety concerns. The program allows homebuilders, realtors, developers of real property, and commercial business owners a standard means for off-site directions and advertising for their business or development.

Kiosk Sign Locations

The maps below are a general illustration of both the installed and proposed locations to date for the program. As of April 23, 2013, thirty-nine kiosk sign structures have been installed and are available for rent. Contact FL Graphix (PDF) to inquire about specific locations and participation.