Where do county tax dollars go?
• To support administration of county government;
• To pay the principal and the interest on any debt of the county and to provide a sinking
• For educational purposes of property located outside of independent school systems;
• To build and repair public buildings and bridges;
• To pay expenses of courts and for the maintenance of inmates, to pay sheriffs and
coroners, and to pay for litigation;
• To build and maintain county roads;
• For public health purposes and preservation of records of vital statistics;
• To pay county police;
• To support indigent individuals;
• To pay county agricultural and home demonstration agents;
• To provide payment for assistance to aged individuals, the needy blind, dependent
children, and other welfare benefits;
• To provide for fire protection of forest lands and the conservation of natural resources;
• To provide hospitalization and medical care for the indigent sick people of the county;
• To acquire, improve, and maintain airports, public parks, and public libraries;
• To provide for workers' compensation and retirement of pension funds for officers and
• For public improvements as fixed by law;
• To pay pensions and costs under a teacher retirement system;
• For school lunches;
• To provide ambulance services;
• To provide financial assistance to county or municipal authorities to develop trade,
commerce, industry, and employment opportunities;
• To provide for public health and sanitation;
• To provide for financial assistance to county children and youth commissions providing
children and youth services.

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