How long does jury service last?
Grand Jury
The Paulding Judicial Circuit now has two terms of Superior Court per year; a Grand Jury serves for six months. Generally, you will serve one day at the beginning of the term and be recalled each month for another one-day session. Very rarely, you may be called upon to serve an additional day or so within the term.

The judges of the Paulding Judicial Circuit try to make sure that some alternate grand jurors are sworn at the initial session of each Grand Jury so that, if a Grand Jury member has an irreconcilable conflict with coming for any subsequent session, an alternate may take his or her place at the subsequent session.

Trial Jury
Generally, civil and criminal trials in the Superior Courts of the Paulding Judicial circuit are held during trial weeks scheduled at various times through the year. Jury service is generally for one trial if you are selected on a jury, or one day if you are not selected to be on a jury.

If, on the first day you report for jury duty, you are not selected to serve on a jury, then that generally ends your service for that term, although on rare occasions you may be required to return later in the week to see if you are selected to be on a jury then.

If, on the first day you report for jury duty, you are selected to serve on a jury, then you must return and serve each day until the trial is completed. Most trials do not take more than one or two days to complete, but in extremely rare cases, a trial may extend into a Saturday or Sunday or even the next week.

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