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Emergency Notification Off
01/10/17  Narcan/Naloxone Auto-Injectors Save Lives in Paulding County  (Photo) 
01/11/17  K-9 Grep Passes Away  (Photo)
01/12/17  Suspicious Incident in Ivy Springs Subdivision
01/13/17  Crestbend Lane Homicide
01/19/17  Local Man Arrested for Child Exploitation  (Photo)
01/20/17  Sheffield Lane Aggravated Assault/Cruelty to Children  (Photo)
01/20/17  Homicide on Holly Springs Road
01/23/17  UPDATE: Homicide on Holly Springs Road  (Nicholson)  (Carroll) (Hightower)
01/24/17  Veterans Benefits and Pension Scam
01/27/17  Paulding Public Safety Collect Donations for Tornado Victims
02/09/17  Mt. Tabor Church Road Shooting  (Photo)
03/01/17  Deputy Tiffany Third Awarded Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
03/03/17  17th Annual Cops for Kids Golf Tournament  (Flyer/Registration Form)
03/08/17  Cedarcrest/Seven Hills Entering Auto Suspects Arrested   (Suspect 1)  (Suspect 2)
03/09/17  Dozens of Cars Vandalized/Damaged in Paulding County  (Suspect 1)  (Suspect 2)
03/17/17  "Peeping Tom" Arrested  at Hiram High School
03/30/17  Teacher Arrested for Gun on Campus
03/31/17  Deputy Bill Payne Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
04/13/17  Georgia Heritage Bank/Cops For Kids "Free Shred Event"  (Flyer)
04/27/17  Deputy Becky Poynter Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
05/01/17  Detective Louis Guy Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
05/10/17  Kingdom Kutz Barber Shop Busted for Gun/Drugs  (Photo)  (Photo)  (Photo)
05/12/17  Paulding Man Severely Beats Blind Woman  (Photo)
05/15/17  National Police Week 2017
05/22/17  Mattie's Call in Paulding County  (Photo)
05/23/17  Junior Police Academy Graduates First Class  (Photo)
06/02/17  Missing/Runaway Teen in Paulding County  (Photo)
06/12/17  Drug Arrests/Stolen Property Recovered on Silverthorne Circle   (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)
06/16/17  Drowning Awareness   (Photo)
06/27/17  Detective Linda Whritenour Receives Officer of the Year Award  (Photo)
07/03/17  Snapchat "Snap Maps" Could be Dangerous to Your Children  (Photo)
07/07/17  Sheriff's Office Designates "MeetUp Spot" Location for Online Transactions  (Photo)
07/21/17  Sergeant Al Gonzalez Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
07/24/17  Detention Officer Mike Henry Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
07/27/17  Back to School Safety: PCSO Turns Up the Heat in School Zones  (Photo)
07/31/17  Colonel Jim Walker Retires From the Sheriff's Office   (Photo)
08/22/17  Hiram Sudie Road Homicide Investigation   (Person Of Interest Photo)
08/23/17  UPDATE:  Hiram Sudie Road Homicide Investigation  (Suspect Photo)
08/24/17  14th Annual Lamar Hunton Memorial Motorcycle Ride and Jeep Shine and Show
08/24/17  Ivy Brook Drive Homicide Arrest Made  (Photo)
08/31/17  Vista Lake Homicide Arrest Made  (Photo)
09/01/17  Patriots Day 9/11 Ceremony  (Flyer)
09/05/17  Paulding District Attorney: Sarah Dowdy Convicted on Vehicular Homicide  (Photo) 
10/06/17  Township Drive Deputy Involved Shooting  (Blehm) (Duncan)
10/11/17  Deputy and Citizen Recognized for Heroic Actions  (Photo 1) (Photo 2)
10/13/17  Paulding County Man Arrested for Child Molestation in North Dakota  (Photo)
10/17/17  Sheriff's Office Sniper/Rifle Range Completed  (Photo)  (Photo)
10/24/17  2017 Cops for Kids Christmas Shopping Event  (Photo)
11/07/17  Deputy Jerry Coalson Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)

01/04/16  Church Security and Emergency Preparedness Seminar
01/19/16  850 Hiram Sudie Road Murder  (Photo)
01/19/16  *Update* Fairview Drive Shooting: Sharia Lynch   (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)
01/20/16  Paulding County Missing Person:  Justin McNeil   (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)
01/25/16  Methamphetamine Trafficking Arrest in Paulding County (Photo)  (Suspect 1)  (Suspect 2)
01/29/16  UPDATE: Church Security and Emergency Preparedness Seminar
02/03/16  Georgia State Patrol Post 29 Paulding Grand Opening
02/05/16  Meth/Heroin Trafficking Arrests HPDTF (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Suspect 1) (Suspect 2) 
02/17/16  Paulding Package Theft (Mt. Tabor Church Road)
02/22/16  GSA Membership Drive 2016
02/26/16  Jason Garland Awarded the Commissioner's Public Safety Award   (Photo)
04/12/16  Attempted Heavy Equipment Theft   (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)  (Photo 3)
04/25/16  Olivia Shead Retirement  (Photo)
04/26/16  Accidental Shooting Claims Life of 3 Year Old
04/27/16  UPDATE: Accidental Shooting Claims Life of 3 Year Old
05/11/16  Shelton's Wrecker Service Reward
05/12/16  Final Update: Accidental Shooting Claims Life of 3 Year Old
05/16/16  Offender Watch: Sex Offender Tracking
05/18/16  Click It or Ticket: Memorial Day Seatbelt Campaign
05/23/16  Update: 2013 Skeletal Remains Located On Dabbs Bridge Road  (Flyer)
05/31/16  Heights Lane SWAT Standoff
06/03/16  Paulding Deputy Awarded Life Saving Award  (Photo)
06/16/16  Missing Person Found Murdered in Paulding County (Flyer) (Photo 1) (Photo 2)
06/27/16  Fire Rescue Truck Stolen From Station 3  (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Suspect Photo)
06/28/16  Detective Harry McGarvey Awarded Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
06/30/16  Taylor Farm Park Burglary/Theft  (Flyer)
07/06/16  Pine Valley Drive Shooting
07/08/16  Detention Officer Donna Dickson Retires From the Sheriff's Office   (Photo)
07/12/16  Black Lives Matter Protest in Paulding County
07/20/16  Back to School Safety/Awareness  (Photo)
08/02/16  Sheriff's Office Mourns the Loss of K-9 Hondo (Photo1)  (Photo 2)

08/24/16  13th Annual Lamar Hunton Memorial Motorcycle Ride  (Sponsorship Form)
08/26/16  Corporal Stephen Dooley Retires from the Sheriff's Office   (Photo)
08/31/16  15th Annual 9-11 "Patriot's Day" Ceremony   (Flyer)
09/12/16  Home Depot Foundation Conducts "Operation Facelift" at the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
09/15/16  Drugs and Guns Seized in Search Warrant    (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3)
                (Mugshot 1) (Mugshot 2) (Mugshot 3) (Mugshot 4)
09/19/16  Ingles Donates Water to Silver Comet Trail Deputies  (Photo)
09/27/16  Sweetwater Bridge Circle Drive By Shooting
10/05/16  Clown Scares/Hoaxes in Paulding County
10/18/16  2016 Cops for Kids Christmas Shopping Event Requirements
10/19/16  Rockmart Man Arrested for Pandering  (Photo)
10/27/16  Deputies Receive Life Saving Award  (Photo)
11/07/16  Operation Southern Impact  (Mugshot)
11/10/16  Sergeant Mike Willingham Awarded the Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
11/11/16  Deputy Debra Brand Retires From the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)


01/05/15  Paulding Teens Charged With Murder  (Randy Frederick)   (Trent Jacobs)
01/06/15  Cops for Kids Donations Head Down Products  (Photo)  
01/07/15  Corporal Sam Driskell and his Family Tragically Murdered  (Photo)
01/30/15  Open Letter to Citizens Regarding Heroin Related Overdose Deaths in Paulding County
03/06/15  Missing Paulding County Teens
03/09/15  Update: Missing Paulding Teens
03/12/15  Ida Mendez Awarded the Commissioner's Public Safety Award   (Photo)
03/16/15  Diane Abernathy and Corporal Jim Pearson Retire from Sheriff's Office   (Photo)
03/24/15  Deputy Barry Walker Recognized as DNR Volunteer of the Year   (Photo)
03/26/15  Detectives Seek Information in the Cody Bryant Murder  (Photo)
04/02/15  Bay County (Florida) Sheriff asks Georgia Sheriffs' to Spread the Word on New Alcohol Laws 
04/02/15  Lightning Awareness
04/16/15  Paulding County Issues Mattie's Call  (Photo)
04/17/15  Run With the Badges 5K Glow Run  (Flyer)
04/20/15  39 iPad's Stolen From Paulding County Wal-Mart  (Suspect 1)   (Suspect 2)
04/24/15  Severe Weather Safety Tips
05/01/15  Chief Deputy and Chief Administrator Receive Advanced Training From GSA and GOHS
05/15/15  Fatal Pedestrian Accident
05/18/15  Detectives Seek Assistance in Entering Auto / Fraud Case   (Photo)
05/21/15  Animal Cruelty Case in Paulding County   (Photo)
05/28/15  Baywood Way Murder-Suicide   (Photo)
05/28/15  Sergeant Brent Miller Awarded Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
06/12/15  Paulding Man Missing From Atlanta   (Photo)
06/29/15  Watts Road Domestic Related Murder (Hiram PD)   (Photo)
07/01/15  UPDATE:  Paulding Man Missing From Atlanta
07/05/15  Unidentified Body Located on Ridge Road
07/07/15  UPDATE:  Unidentified Body Located on Ridge Road
07/10/15  FINAL UPDATE:  Unidentified Body Located on Ridge Road
07/24/15  Paulding County Sheriff's Office Back to School Safety
07/24/15  K-9 Chico Passes Away   (Photo) 
07/28/15  Deputy Kevin Dutton Recognized as Officer of the Year   (Photo) 
07/30/15  Paulding County Boy Kidnapped  (Dorian Moxley) (Suspect Photo 1) (Suspect Photo 2)
08/07/15  Sheriff Gary Gulledge Attends Summer Training Conference   (Sheriff Gulledge Photo)
08/17/15  12th Annual Lamar Hunton Memorial Motorcycle Ride  (Flyer)
08/20/15  Suspicious Activity/Child Abduction in Northern Paulding County
08/24/15  School System Accountant Arrested for Theft  (Photo)
09/02/15  Suspicious Activity/Child Abduction in Northern Paulding County
09/03/15  Remembering the Heroes September 11th Ceremony  (Flyer)
09/17/15  7th Annual Paulding Public Safety Appreciation Day   (Flyer)
10/19/15  Accidental Shooting Leads to the Death of a Child
10/21/15  "Silver Comet Stitchers" Donate Quilts  (Photo)
10/22/15  2015 Cops for Kids Shopping Event Requirements
10/28/15  Detective Linda Whritenour Awarded the Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
11/04/15  Operation Watchful Eye  Georgia Sheriffs' Association
11/05/15  Local Family Gives Back to Cops for Kids  (Photo)
12/03/15  Digital Safety in the Wireless World  (Video)
12/09/15  PCSO "Cops for Kids" Receive Donations  (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)
12/11/15  Sheriff Gary Gulledge Makes a Donation to the "Battle for Brystol"  (Photo1) (Photo2) (Photo 3)
12/17/15  Campground School Road Shooting
12/22/15  Detective Lenny Carr Recognized by GBI  (Photo)
12/23/15  Update:  Campground School Road Shooting
12/23/15  Villa Rica Highway Hostage Situation


01/02/14  Sheriff Gulledge Announces GSA Membership Drive
01/21/14  Sheriff Gulledge and "Cops for Kids" Donate to Josh Davis  (Photo)
02/03/14  Detective Stephen Dooley Receives Commissioner's Public Safety Award   (Photo) 
02/06/14  Governor's Office of Highway Safety H.E.A.T. Grant Renewal 2014
02/28/14  2014 "Cops for Kids" Golf Tournament
03/06/14  Police Chase from Villa Rica to Paulding County
03/10/14  "Run With the Badges" 5K Glow Run      ("Run With the Badges" 5K Glow Run Flyer)
04/04/14  Lightning Awareness
05/29/14  Detention Officer Caleb Lindsey Receives Commissioner's Public Safety  (Photo)
06/10/14  Haralson-Paulding DTF May Arrests
06/10/14  Dakota McNeil Child Molestation Arrest   (Photo)
06/16/14  2014 D.A.R.E. Camp Graduates 47 Paulding County Students  (Photo)
07/01/14  Deputy Gary Grant Retires from the Sheriff's Office  (Photo)
07/15/14  Former College and NFL Players Help Cops for Kids   (Photo)
07/21/14  Sheriff Gulledge Awards Medal of Valor to Deputy Randall Shelnutt  (Photo)
07/25/14  Back to School Safety 2014  (Photo)
07/30/14  Female Attacked on the Silver Comet Trail
08/05/14  Sheriff Gary Gulledge Offers Reward in Silver Comet Trail Attack     (Reward Donation Form)
08/07/14  Sheriff Gary Gulledge Announces Silver Comet Trail Safety Upgrades  (Photo)
08/08/14  Firearm Laws on the Silver Comet Trail
08/08/14  11th Annual Lamar Hunton Memorial Motorcycle Ride   (Registration Form)
09/04/14  Remember the Hero's  9/11 Memorial   (Flyer)
09/26/14  Sam Driskell Receives Commissioner's Public Safety Award  (Photo)
10/02/14  Paulding Public Safety Appreciation     PPSA Flyer
10/02/14  Paulding County Sheriff's Office Adopts SafetyPup   (Photo)
10/14/14  Severe Weather Safety Tips
10/27/14  12th Annual Domestic Violence Warrant Roundup   Arrest Spreadsheet   DV Logo
10/29/14  Detectives Seek Assistance in Paulding Armed Robberies  (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)  (Photo 3) 
10/31/14  Elderly Money Scam Alert   (Photo 1)  (Photo 2)  (Photo 3)
11/07/14  Credit Card Scam Uncovered in Paulding County   (Suspect Photo)
11/11/14  Cops for Kids Donations 2014  (Photo)
12/11/14  Cops for Kids Donations 2014 Part 2  (Photo)
12/05/14  New Sheriff's Office Training Center Open for Business (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3)
12/08/14  Twiggs County Deputy Arrests Possible Kidnapping Suspect from Paulding County  (Photo)


12/05/13  Cops for Kids Donations # 2 (Photo)  (Photo)
11/27/13  "Quick Change" Scam Occurs at Local Wal-Mart (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo4) 
               (Photo 5) (Photo 6)
10/29/13  Cops for Kids Donations  (Photo)
10/22/13  K-9 Grep Retires  (Photo)
10/22/13  Skeletal Remains Found in Northern Paulding County
10/16/13  Update- Forbes Child Abuse Death
10/14/13  12 Year Old Boy Dies as a Result of Abuse  (Photo)
09/24/13  Michelle Eubanks Recieves Commissioners Public Safety Award   (Photo)
09/23/13  School Bus Stop Arm Camera Press Release
09/06/13  Paulding and Douglas County Arrest Child Molester   (Photo)
09/03/13  Remembering the Heros 9-11 Memorial
08/20/13  South Paulding High School Burglary Arrests Made
07/30/13  Back to School Safety 2013  (Photo)
04/18/13  Drug Drop Box PR  (Photo)
05/02/13  Corporal Terry Greene Retirement PR  (Photo)
05/31/13  Brian Fitzgerald Receives Commissioners Public Safety Award  (Photo) 

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