Paulding County Sheriffs Throughout History

The following is a list of all of the Sheriffs that have held office in Paulding County as outlined in Paulding County; Its People and Places. In some situations only a last name is present; in others, there were several Sheriffs in a particular year. As a result of poor record keeping, things getting lost during the Civil War, disease, and unexpected death this is the best list we have been able to uncover. If you have additional or more clarified information, please contact the Paulding County Sheriff's Office by emailing the webmaster.


1834-1838 W.S. Hogue

1839-1843 T.C. Dunlap

1844-1845 B.M. Williams

1846-1847 Brooks M. Willingham

1848-1849 Brewster

1850-1851 Seth Jones

1852-1856 Daniel Campbell

1857-1861 A.G. Brintle


                  Mack Fortner


                  P.P. Allgood

1861-1868 E. Crow

1869-1870 Harvey Carlton Ritch

1871-1872 William McGreggor

1873-1874 O.M. Russom

1875-1876 Henry Braswell

1877-1878 G.M. Lawrence

1879-1880 Henry Braswell

1881-1882 W.C. Matthews

1883-1884 Nathan Cooper

1885-1888 R.W. Russom (2 terms)

1889-1890 J. Robert Moon

1891-1894 J.A. Westbrook (2 terms)

1895-1896 G.W. Furr

1897-1902 B.F. Wheeler (3 terms)

1903-1904 W.N. Anderson

1905-1906 J.W. Ragsdale

1907-1910 J.T. Griffin (2 terms)

1911-1912 Alonzo Furr

1913-1916 G.C. Williams (PDF)

1917-1920 E.D. Wheeler

1921-1924 J. Burt Graham (PDF)

1925-1928 J. Frank Couch (PDF)

1929-1932 R.W. Mitchell (PDF)

1933-1936 J. Frank Couch (PDF)

1937-1940 Ned Williams (PDF)

1941-1944 Ted McTyre (PDF)

1945-1952 John Camp (2 terms) (PDF)

1953-1956 H. Grady Wilbanks (died in office February 13, 1957) (PDF)

1957-1964 Jerome Clay (2 terms) (PDF)

1965 Ross Clark (died in office December 9, 1965) (PDF)

1965-1966 Amos Benson (died in office) (PDF)

1966 Ray Lee (acting Sheriff)

1966-1977 Bob Shipp (died in office July 23, 1977) (PDF)

1977-1981 Bill Forsyth (appointed acting Sheriff) (PDF)

1981-1988 Bill Forsyth (11 years) (PDF)

1989-1992 Perry Grogan (4 years)

1993-2008 Bruce Harris (16 years) (PDF)

2009- Present Gary Gulledge (PDF)