Under the direction of Georgia Code, the Fire Chief is required to provide fire protection for Paulding County. In addition to firefighting, fire protection includes a wide range of prevention measures including the:

  • Formulation and adoption of fire codes
  • Handling of permits and plan reviews
  • Inspection to insure compliance with the codes
  • Review of plans for commercial buildings by ensuring all fire safety features are included before the building is built
  • Review, update, and enforcement the County Fire Code
  • Seeking and correction of any hazards found in a public facility

The Fire Inspections Division is responsible for carrying out these duties for the Fire Chief.

Fire Inspection Fees

Effective January 1, 2013, fees will be assessed for specific fire inspections. The Code of Ordinance of Paulding County 58-136 Fee Schedule can be viewed in detail on the link below. Please note that only check or money order (payable to Paulding County Board of Commissioners) will be accepted. Cash and credit cards will not be accepted.