Master Gardener Program

General Information

A Master Gardener:

  • Is a well-trained educational volunteer in the Horticulture Department of the Paulding County UGA Cooperative Extension
  • Has the desire and time to do volunteer work
  • Is interested in a long-term volunteer commitment
  • Has some knowledge and personal experience with gardening in this area
  • Enjoys learning about horticulture
  • Likes people and enjoys helping them

The Master Gardener Program is designed to develop highly skilled volunteers that agree to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours of service (during the first year) in exchange for 40 hours of horticultural training by Extension service professionals. A minimum of 25 hours of volunteer service is required each subsequent year to maintain Master Gardener status. For further information regarding current events and activities of the Paulding Master Gardeners, please visit the Master Gardener site hosted by the UGA Extension Service.