Inmate Work Force

Inmate Work Force

Deputies and Detention Officers assigned to the Inmate Work Force Division supervise inmate crews that work outside of the jail. There are eight Deputies/Detention Officers that are assigned to supervise the various work details that work throughout the county. Deputies/Detention Officers transport inmate work details each day to various work details. The Paulding County Sheriff's Office utilizes inmate labor to do the following:

  • Pick up trash along state and county roadways
  • Cut grass and help maintain the exterior of county buildings and parks
  • Clean the Paulding County Courthouse and Administration Building
  • Clean the Paulding County Sheriff's Office and Jail Facility
  • Help at county events such as:
    • Paulding County Air Show
    • Paulding Meadows Arts and Crafts Festival
    • Paulding County Trick or Treat Village
    • Paulding Public Safety Appreciation Day
    • Dallas Christmas Parade

Inmate Labor

The Inmate Work Force Division utilizes both male and female inmate labor on work details throughout Paulding County. Only inmates that have nonviolent charges are allowed to work on these outside work details.

These inmates are usually county sentenced or incarcerated on probation violations. The Inmate Work Force Division saves Paulding County taxpayers trememendous amounts of money on an annual basis by the utilization of free inmate labor.