Inmate Accounts


Money may be left for an inmate at the Control Room window at the Paulding County Detention Center at any time. Cash or Money Orders will be the only form of currency accepted. Only Money Order's will be accepted through the U.S. Mail. Please Do Not Send Cash through the mail. The only checks that will be accepted will be ones from other jails or prisons. All Money Orders must have the inmate's name, the name of the facility, as well as the sender's name on them.

Fund Release

Upon release from the Paulding County Detention Center all funds credited to the inmate’s account may be picked up by the inmate only Tuesday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Inmate accounts and their balances cannot be discussed with anyone other than the inmate. Funds can only be released to the inmate or someone with a signed and notarized release form. Any funds credited to an inmate's phone account must be handled by Telmate. You can contact Telmate at 866-516-0115.

Commissary Purchases

Each inmate may purchase items from the commissary one day per week. The schedule is determined by the location of the inmate. Inmates are allowed to spend up to $75 on their commissary day. Money must be deposited at the reception window by Midnight on the night before their commissary day for them to receive their order. The commissary carries hygiene products, stamps, writing materials, underwear, socks, sodas, and snack items.