Paulding County Detention Center

The Adult Detention Center houses individuals for violating Georgia Criminal Code and for those persons who have been arrested for felony and misdemeanor crimes.

The Paulding County Detention Center operates on the premise that all inmates in our custody are human beings, and while incarcerated are entitled to humane, fair and impartial treatment.

The Paulding County Detention Center booked in 5,770 people through our Booking Department in 2008. We also booked out 5,547 people through our Booking Department in 2008.

Facility Amenities

The facility includes a fully equipped kitchen where balanced, nutritional meals are prepared for the inmates. A contractor, Valley Services, provides the meals under the supervision of detention center staff. Inmates supervised by the contractor prepare meals. They are served by officers and supervised inmates. Supervised inmates handle all commissaries, laundry, cleaning and other housekeeping chores in house.

Recent enhancements of the facility have been the addition of three ultra modern systems.

  • Automated fingerprinting system, which scans a person’s fingerprints and produces laser print records. This system allows us to electronically submit the records to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). When GCIC receives the record it is run through their database to check the prints and produce an accurate identification of the person’s fingerprints, which is electronically sent to us within 1 to 2 hours. GCIC then forwards the prints to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) where these prints are checked through the FBI database on a national level and produces an accurate identification of the prints, which is sent to us within 4 to 6 hours. This enhances our ability to identify persons who may be fugitives on a state or national level.
  • Implementation of a digital imaging system that captures inmate’s photos digitally and attaches them to their booking record and stores it in the computer system. The inmate’s photo is printed on each booking sheet. This system also gives us the capabilities to produce lineups for investigative purposes and printing wanted posters.
  • Biometric fingerprint capture system that is integrated with our booking system to register an detainee’s fingerprint at the beginning of the booking process. The system will check the fingerprint against our database to determine if the detainee has ever been processed into our system. If the system finds a match it will bring up all information associated with that print for further processing. If there is no match, the fingerprint and all the information gathered will be saved in our database. When the detainee is being released, the booking out process begins with capturing the detainee’s fingerprint that does a search of our database to verify the identity of the person we are releasing.
  • Video Conferencing System. This gives the courts the ability to speak with and see an inmate on certain matters. This enhances the security by reducing the need for movement outside the facility. This also reduces the cost of operations. Video Conferencing is used to hold First Appearance Hearings.

We are continually updating and improving our operation as new techniques or equipment becomes available.

Detention Officers

In essence, Detention Officers are part of a large and complex operation that requires specific performance at a given time and place. As Detention Officers we become responsible for providing proper and sanitary housing and living conditions, well-balanced meals, medical attention and for their safekeeping and welfare while in custody. We must conduct ourselves in word and in action so that every inmate has the opportunity to preserve his/her dignity and self-respect. As Detention Officers we must maintain security and control, while guaranteeing each individual these rights.

As Deputy Sheriffs and Detention Officers we have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution and all the laws of the land.


The Paulding County Detention Center is a modern facility with a housing capacity of 300. We often house individuals detained for numerous other jurisdictions including municipal, state, federal and other local agencies. The Detention Center is manned 24 hours a day by a staff of trained and state certified Detention Officers. The Detention Center maintains a staff of 69 officers who are required to complete a 40-hour departmental training class immediately after being hired. Within 6 months they are required to complete an 80 hour state mandated class for certification through the Georgia Peace Officer's Standards and Training Council. They are also required to complete 40 hours per year of additional training. We strive to maintain a staff of highly trained and professional personnel that are continually increasing their knowledge and skills.


We have a full time P.O.S.T. certified Training Division which is responsible for submitting all records to the Georgia Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Council. You can contact the Training Division at 678-363-3075 if you have any questions.