How to Begin a Neighborhood Watch Group

Paulding County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch

Thank you for your interest in starting a Neighborhood Watch program. Whether your goal is to prevent crime or to address current opportunities in your neighborhood, the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Neighborhood Watch Program is an excellent starting point.

Because of the busy lifestyle of today’s households, neighborhood communication and familiarity has diminished. When you drive by your neighbor on the way home from a long day and wave, do you know his or her name? Does he or she know your name?

Aims of Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is about bringing a community closer. Just by knowing each others names and faces will undoubtedly bring a higher level of awareness to your community and perhaps develop into lifetime friendships.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Neighborhood Watch Program has many tools to offer that will help jumpstart your program. Activities such as attending kick off meetings, attending picnics with visitors such as members of the SWAT team, Fire Department, Fingerprinting for children are just a few.

Supportive Partners

Ongoing support of your Neighborhood Watch Program includes liaison support from your law enforcement partners. In order to get up to date information, follow the Sheriff's Office on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nixle. Following the Sheriff's Office on our social media pages will help keep you apprised of all the activities including crime that take place in your area. Make your own social media sites to improve communication for your neighborhood so your residents will know what events are coming up and what is going on in the neighborhood.

Community Responsibility

The success of a Neighborhood Watch Program is up to the community. The higher level of participation, commitment, and consistency that is developed will dictate the level of effectiveness of the program.

There are currently over 60 communities with an active Neighborhood Watch Program who have reaped the benefits and quality of life the program can grow in to.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to supporting your Neighborhood Watch Program. Please feel free to contact Sergeant Ashley Henson or Sergeant Lenny Carr for more information about how to become a part of Neighborhood Watch.