Magistrate Court Filing Fees

Statement of claim, Garnishment, Personal Property Foreclosure

$103 includes service on (1) defendant
$ 50 each additional defendant service fee.

Dispossessory Action

$78 includes service on (1) defendant
$25 each additional defendant service fee


$10 Filing fee

Motion to Compel filing fee $10.00
$50 Motion to Compel service fee for service of order in county
$50 motion to incarcerate service fee

Abandoned Vehicle Action

$41.00 Filing fee

$14.00 for each certified copy of Order


$4 (To be paid after obtaining Judgement). Check payable to Magistrate Court
$25 (Check payable to Superior Court)

Alias Fifa

$4.50 Affidavit must be completed and submitted

$25.00 to record in Superior Court.  Check payable to Superior Court

Pre-Warrant Applications

$20 application fee


$0.50 per page

Certified Copies $2.50 for the first page, $0.50 for each additional page.

****For all filings only cash and check are acceptable forms of payment.

****Default Judgements and FiFa’s are issued only by written request.

****Civil Jurisdiction for Magistrate Court in Georgia is $15,000.

$211 Transfer costs to Superior Court

Filing fees are set forth by the Georgia State Legislative body and are subject to change. 

For your convenience an ATM machine is located on the 2nd floor of the Justice center. 

Employees of the Magistrate Court of Paulding County, including Judges themselves, are prohibited by law from providing legal advice at any time during your contact with the Court. If you have questions about your legal rights, legal remedies available to you, or what legal documents to file, you must contact an attorney.