Clerk of Superior Court

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Paulding County Clerk of Superior Court is a vital administrative office in the Judicial system of Georgia. The office of the Clerk maintains records and processes paperwork according to the orders of the Court. 

As a mandated office, we are responsible for the maintenance of the records for civil actions and criminal felonies. The types of records include civil and criminal proceedings, real estate documents, and various other vital records. The Clerk of Superior Court also administers the jury system.

The office of the Clerk of Superior Court is an elected office. The citizens of Pauling County elect the Clerk of Superior Court to administer the proper registration and retention of official documents.

Please be mindful our Clerk's are prohibited from giving legal advice.

The Clerk’s Office no longer issues Passports. Click here for additional information.


The Office of the Clerk of Superior Court consists of three divisions:

To view all cases visit our website

To request a certified copy please visit the GSCCCA eCertification Portal

Information regarding the eCertification Portal

Filing Activity Notification System (FANS)

Mandatory E-filing for Civil cases is through Peach Court 

E-filing for Criminal cases is through EZ-File

Deed Records are available for E-filing at Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority and Simplifile

Notice of the Opportunity to Conduct Civil and Domestic Relations Pretrial Conferences and/ or Rulings on the Briefs

Notice of Clarification: Domestic Relations Custody Orders for School and Holiday Visitation

Paulding Judicial Circuit Coronavirus Health and Safety Guidelines

Order Requiring Face Masks or Facial Coverings for Entry into the Paulding County Justice Center

Adjournment Order