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Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection Request

  1. *Appointment Only*

    When requesting an appointment for a Deputy to inspect a car seat, it is important to remember that Deputies work varying schedules and rotations. Therefore, car seat inspections are scheduled by appointment only. Please complete the information on the form below to help provide as much information as possible about the car seat you are using. With this information, the Deputy will be able to better assist you with your seat. Typically, all inspections are done at the Paulding County Sheriff's Office which is located at 180 Constitution Boulevard Dallas, Georgia 30132. An alternate location could be used but it would be at the discretion of the Deputy and have to be previously determined.

  2. Car seat ever been involved in ANY crash?*
    If yes, it is recommended to discard the car seat and replace immediately.
  3. Car seat labels missing?*
    Provides seat specific information
  4. Vehicle's Manual Present?*
    Provides details on LATCH System for specific vehicle
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