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Sheriff's Office Pre-Employment Questionnaire


  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. General Information
  3. 3. Personal Appearance
  4. 4. Criminal Activity
  5. 5. Driving History
  6. 6. Drugs and Narcotics
  7. 7. Employment and Finance
  8. 8. Law Enforcement
  9. 9. Military
  10. 10. Disclaimer and Signature
  • Personal Information

    1. Truthfulness and Integrity

      One of the foundations and core values of The Paulding County Sheriff's Office is Integrity. Without it, your career as a Deputy or law enforcement officer in general will suffer. A key moment for your truthfulness and integrity is during the application and hiring process. 

      Please be truthful with all answers during the following questionnaire. Some answers may result in immediate disqualification. However, some may not. Your integrity and truthfulness will play a factor.